Wine and Food Matching

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Grape VarietalFlavor DescriptorsTextual PerceptionFood Suggestions
Chenin Blanc
Johannisber Riesling
apricot, peach, pear, 
apple, melon
refreshing, roundfruits, vegetable salads, chicken and turkey, light seafood dishes, oriental foods and sauces, mild-fruity cheeses like Jarlsburg, pork with fruit sauces or chutney, curry
White Zinfandel
Rose of Cabernet
& Other Blush Wines
strwaberry, cherry, dill, 
dried herbs
mellow, lively, freshfruit and fruit salads, green salads with light dressings, cold potato soup, quiche, ham, turkey, smoked turkey, smoked chicken, smoked game birds, Mexican food, barbecued sausages, picnic foods, brunch menus, prosciutto & melon 
Sauvignon Blancnew-mown hay, fresh-cut grass, 
herbal, green or bell pepper, 
grapefruit, figs
crisp, suppleherbs: coriander, dill, chives; prawns & shrimp, scallops, fresh crab, oysters, mussels, olive oil-based dishes, eggplant, tomatoes & tomatoe sauce, delicate first courses, goat cheese, lightly curried dishes
Pinot Blanc
grapefruit, lemon, vanilla, apple, 
cooked banana
round, supple, generousherbs: tarragon, chervil, majoram, dill; delicate vegetable stew or saute, vegetable omelet or frittata, mushrooms (especially shiitake and wild mushrooms), mild cheese souffle, crab with mayonnaise, salmon, swordfish, charbroiled scallops, fish dishes, roast chicken & pork, veal saute, veal brest, veal chop, mild, nutty cheeses, butter based dishes and sauces.
Pinot Noirspicy, connamon, carthy, 
smoky, cloves, cherry, 
wild cherry, violets, toasted
round, lively, quaffablelamb, poached eggs with red wine velonte, duck, salmon, shark, tuna, Moroccan dishes (cous cous & tagine), grilled rabbit with mustard sauce, roasted peppers, green chili salsa, barbecued country-style pork ribs, pesto with tomatoes, herbs, olives, semi-soft and soft-ripening cheeses
Red Zinfandelraspberry, blackberry, black 
pepper, raisin, prune, black licorice, 
spicy, chocolate
chewy, freshroast lamb, goulash, venison & game, pasta with strongly flavored sauces or rich cream sauces, hamburgers, beef & pork ribs; cheeses: aged Gouda, double- and triple creme blue veined cheeses
Cabernet Sauvignon
black currant, cassis, herbal, 
bell pepper, tea, eucalyptus, 
vanilla, mint, black or green olive, cedar, chocolate
firm, chewy, austere, freshherbs: thyme, savory, rosemary; prime rib, steaks, beef stews, wild game, venison, wild boar, leg of lamb, duck, savory pork stew, sausages; cheeses: goat, cheddars, blue-veined cheeses (except doulbe- and triple-creme blues), Parmesan, aged asiago, dark chocolate