A minimal, $\LaTeX$-style hugo theme for personal blogging. Visit the wiki for information on how to install and configure.


  • Any comment engine (giscus, remark42, hyvor, etc.)
  • Mermaid support
  • DuckDuckGo search
  • Buymeacoffee widget
  • Auto numbered subtitles
  • Disqus & Google Analytics
  • Render math equations with KaTeX
  • PostCSS to make writing CSS easier
  • Dark mode toggle
  • Citations

Syntax Highlighting

This is a sample in a few different languages:


echo foo

Rich Content

Hugo ships with several Built-in Shortcodes for rich content, along with a Privacy Config and a set of Simple Shortcodes that enable static and no-JS versions of various social media embeds.

YouTube Privacy Enhanced Shortcode

Twitter Simple Shortcode

Vimeo Simple Shortcode

Sing Jan Swing - Kinetic Type


sequenceDiagram participant Alice participant Bob Alice->>John: Hello John, how are you? loop Healthcheck John->>John: Fight against hypochondria end Note right of John: Rational thoughts
prevail! John-->>Alice: Great! John->>Bob: How about you? Bob-->>John: Jolly good!
sequenceDiagram actor C as Client actor T as Trainer actor FM as FitnessManaer participant FitnessManager Client->>FitnessManager: Hello FitnessManager, can you find me a Trainer? FitnessManager->>Client: Hello Client, let me see who's available. loop FindTrainerMatch FitnessManager-->>Trainer: Want a Client? Trainer-->>FitnessManager: Sure! end Note right of FitnessManager: Found a match FitnessManager->>Client: Hello Client, meet Trainer. Client-->>Trainer: Hello. Trainer-->>Client: Hi! Let's have a consultation!









This is a fork of the TeXify3 theme, which is a fork of the TeXify2 theme.